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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I will give you shepherds who are loyal to me, and they will shepherd you with knowledge and skill. –Jeremiah 3:15 CSB)

October is Pastor Appreciation month. A pastor is the faithful shepherd over a church. As a shepherd, the pastor leads his congregation to the spiritual food and rest they require. He will protect, care for, and comfort his flock as needed. Just as a shepherd is necessary to oversee a flock of sheep, a pastor is necessary to oversee a congregation. True pastors give their love and devotion to the people in their charge.

The congregation’s spiritual growth, and health is their responsibility. One day they will have to answer to Jesus about how they led their congregation. God promised us pastors that are true shepherds over their congregation.

Pastors have the most difficult and demanding job in the Kingdom of God. They carry the same family and personal obligations as all believers, but have the added responsibility and care of a church family.

They fight satan’s schemes and strategies on two fronts – their own family and their church family. If you, as a believer, think you get tired, remember your pastor never gets a break from spiritual battle. He must fight for you, your family, and his family.

The pastor’s job is to feed the congregation the Word of God so they can stand against the strategies and schemes of the devil. They are to spend their time in prayer and ministering the Word (see Acts 6:4)

Your pastor deserves your loyalty, faithfulness, and respect. Too many believers take their pastor for granted. Some even expect their pastor to be available 24/7 – expecting him to drop everything and run to their side at a moment’s notice.

Yet, some of these same people don’t support their pastor with prayer or their money. And their faithful pastor still loves and cares for them.

A true pastor that is called of God is special. When you have one, treasure him.

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